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Aina Nalu A109 & I109 -- A Tropical Paradise

660 Wainee Street, Lahaina, HI 96767

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Dear Guest:


Mahalo for choosing to stay with us at the beautiful Maui resort, Aina Nalu in Lahaina.  To make your stay ever more enjoyable, we have compiled some helpful information that we strongly encourage you to look over before your stay.


The phone number of unit A109 is:  +1-808-856-7109 and I109 is:  +1-808-856-7179.  You can make local calls and receive calls for free.  Long distance calls will require a calling card or a mobile phone.


In the unlikely event that there is a problem while staying at Aina Nalu, please contact:

·       MAINTENANCE/ Lockouts/ Emergencies - CHASENRAINBOWS, 1-800-367-6092 Toll Free, 808-667-7088 Local


·      If ChasenRainbows cannot be reached, EMERGENCIES :

   Rick Russo (mainland) +1-510-316-3485 (English and Spanish speakers)

   Lance Burrows +81 90-5137-8770 (Japanese phone number for

                         English, Japanese, or Spanish speakers)


Before your departure, you will receive an email from Lance Burrows with your arrival instructions.  You will be given an access code to open the front door of the unit.  If there is a # or * indicated with your code, you must press that for the code to work.  Most codes do not have a # or *.  For any maintenance concerns or lockouts, contact ChasenRainbows.


Illness/ medical care:

Anne E. Biedel, M.D.

Maui Medical Group, Lahaina Office

130 Prison Street, Lahaina, HI

Phone Number: (808) 661-0051

Minit Medical

Lahaina Gateway Shopping Center,

Suite 507, 305 Keawe St,

Lahaina HI 96761



Maui Memorial Medical Center

221 Mahalani Street

Wailuku, HI 96793

Phone: (808) 244-9056

Fax: (808) 242-2443


Pests: Because Hawaii is in the tropics, pests (ants) can be a problem. We have successfully avoided any problems thus far, and need your help to keep it that way. If food is left out, ants will come. The best places for food storage are in the refrigerator and the microwave. Dry goods should be kept in one of those places or sealed in a zip-lock bag or plastic container. Garbage should be put out nightly. There are dumpsters in the rear of the complex.




Getting to Aina Nalu A109

First thing, you need to get to the Aina Nalu resort in Lahaina, Maui.

There are three airports in Maui. I have found a site explaining each of them.

Use Uber for Airport Transportation:

Uber is in Maui now!  If you don't have an Uber account on your smartphone yet, get your first ride free (current promotion is $15-$20 credit for your first ride).  To use this promotion, sign up through this link:  Uber.


The most widely used airport is Kahului. If you are coming directly from the mainland, this is the airport you will arrive at. If you are flying as a connection from Honolulu, you can fly either to Kahului or the West Maui Kapalua Airport. Kahului is the busier one, meaning you will have more flights to choose from and in my experience, there are generally cheaper flights from Honolulu (check on that, though). The West Maui Kapalua Airport is closer to Aina Nalu (about 20 min) but, again, it may cost you more money to get there and the number of flights per day is limited.


For Kahului Airport...Once you have arrived at Kahului airport, you will need to rent a car. The drive from the airport to Aina Nalu will generally take 35-45 min., depending on traffic and how often you stop to see the beautiful sites along the way. I have created a road map based on the yahoo map website. Refer to it for road directions.


Another thing to note… just outside the Kahului aiport on your drive to Aina Nalu, you will pass a KMart, a Walmart, a Costco, and several other stores. It might be a good chance for you to pick up food or any other essentials that you might need.


For West Maui Kapalua Airport...Once you have arrived at West Maui Kapalua Airport, you will need to rent a car. The drive from the airport to Aina Nalu will generally take 20-30 min., depending on traffic and how often you stop to see the beautiful sites along the way. I have created a road map based on the yahoo map website. Refer to it for road directions.


If you have a car navigation system, the address is Aina Nalu, 660 WAINEE ST, LAHAINA.


Options other than renting a car…

In addition to renting a car to get from either of the airports to the condo, you also have the option of taking one of the shuttles that run from the airports to various parts of the island. In the baggage claim area of the airports, there are shuttle service representatives who will help you. Usually, the price of an airport shuttle from Kahului to Aina Nalu will cost at least $55/person. Because the location of the condo (Aina Nalu) is so good and you have virtually everything you need within walking distance, you may not want to rent a car for the entire trip. Furthermore, there are car rentals right in Lahaina, so you could rent cars on a daily basis if you wished to explore parts of the island for one or two days of your stay.


There is also a bus service that will stop at Kahului Airport. HOWEVER, they DO NOT ALLOW passengers to carry big pieces of luggage. You will be unable to board the bus with the luggage, however, you can use the buses to get around the island for sightseeing and shopping.


URL for bus service on Maui


Enjoying your time on Maui

First, the two pools on the property are excellent. The larger of the two is called a Balinese Infinity Saline Pool. The pool is inground and the grass runs right up to its edges. Also the pool is kept clean with a saline solution instead of chlorine that can sometimes be caustic. In order to use both pools, you will need to wear a wrist band. I will be notifying the security staff before your arrival of the number and names of those in your party. If you go to the pool, the security guards will normally approach you and ask you what unit you are in and sometimes your name. He/she will then give you a plastic wrist band that you should wear while in the pool. The security guard will provide you with a wrist band every time you go to the pool.


Right next to the Balinese infinity pool, there is an Expedia desk which will set up any tours or other activities you might wish to do while on Maui. In my experience, they are quite reasonable and because they are on-site, very conveniently located. They offer daily presentations detailing available activities. The presentations usually start around 830am near the pool. They provide morning snacks, too, so it is definitely worth it to pay them a visit. Mike will point out their desk on the walking tour.


For you to preview, here are two websites that list some of the many activities avaiable on Maui.